How to correctly assess the cost of housing in Kyiv

According to experts, this year should be quite stable for the residential real estate market. If we talk about the purchase and sale of housing in Kyiv, then real estate prices this year can increase by five percent. Analysts suggest that a round of business activity should give April and March. The secondary real estate market and the primary real estate market are gradually swaying if the country does not change the economic and political situations, as well as the national currency will be stable. In the summer, seasonal calm is expected, and in the fall, a round of business activity is expected.

In this situation, in Kyiv, the cost of renting square meters of residential real estate can rise by ten percent. And if you want to find a drug rent of an apartment in Kyiv at an affordable price, then we advise you to go to the ROOMER website.

Experts expect that the current year will virtually differ from last year. They also warn us about the difficulties that residential real estate market may encounter this year. Most likely, these problems will be associated with legislative changes. The innovations will be a huge shock that relate to the rules for assessing housing, as well as the new rules for registering apartments. So already, an assessment of residential real estate may rise in price by several times. All this can paralyze the real estate market in the capital of Ukraine. A similar situation happened last year.

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