Features of the purchase of real estate in the USA What to take into account

You want to directly contact the notorious "American dream" and buy real estate in the United States of America? Today this is quite simple, because after a mortgage crisis, real estate prices in the States fell badly. And there are several more reasons why it is worth buying American real estate.

1. By acquiring real estate in the United States of America, you make the safest investment, as many other countries suffer from political instability, instability of the capital market and fluctuations in foreign exchange rates – in a word, all that is not in America.

2. US legislation does not limit the ownership of foreign citizens at all, while foreign buyers in other countries often have some restrictions on the purchase and disposal of real estate.

3. The American real estate market is highly dynamic and activity, which attracts foreign investors.

In order to purchase real estate in the United States, you just have to have only two documents – a passport and an American visa. The term of the transaction for which the purchase is drawn up usually does not exceed 45 days, and at this time the buyer does not need to be in the United States, you can simply draw up a power of attorney for a broker. For transparency and legal purity of the transaction, you can not worry.

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