How housing and public buildings are related to each other

Entrance to the floor corridors with loggias protected from wind and rain with wavy flavors made of fiberglass. Kitchens do not have external fences. At the design stage there is a 21-story residential building consisting of a stall and 20 residential floors.

The house provides removable elevator shafts and stairwells. There are no technical floors. , Not being a building of increased number of storeys, is of interest from the point of view of engineering equipment and architectural and planning solutions. Frame building with hinged outer wall panels. Windows are sealed, without opening phrama. On the ground floor there are a restaurant, a dance and a night bar. The remaining floors are occupied by the institutes of the German Construction Academy.

Each floor is a hall divided into compartments (working rooms) by partitions 2 m high from polyurethane foam, covered with perforated plastic film. Despite the absence of capital partitions to the entire height of the premises, acoustics do not cause any complaints. Noises are almost completely localized within the compartments. The sound background, listening in neighboring rooms, is so insignificant that the aerodynamic noise is fixed, created by the air conditioning system, solved in terms of acoustics quite satisfactory. Especially if it is polyurethane stucco.

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