Features of cottage villages in the suburbs

You have long wanting to get a plot in the environmentally friendly area of ​​the Moscow Region? And this is understandable. After all, the cottage village has always attracted its silence and dimension. When looking for land plots in the suburbs, pay attention to those that are in the Istra district.

Not every suburban real estate here combines the proximity of nature with comfort, to which the inhabitants of the metropolis are so familiar. Therefore, in cottage villages on many highways of this part of the Moscow region, the sale of plots and cottages is so active.

Say, the village of Istra Country Club. It connects a number of cottage villages, their total area is about 200 hectares. Development density in it is 30-100 houses. They are built here taking into account all the necessary living conditions, including utilities, telephone, high -speed Internet. Add developed infrastructure, 24 -hour operation and professional security service.

Cottages have its original architectural style. It is noteworthy that all cottage villages are equipped with a security point in Super, which excludes the penetration of outsiders into the internal territory. That is, security here is at the highest level.

It is here that the convenient placement from the transport point of view indicates in favor of the purchase of suburban real estate. So, the Novorizhskoye Shosse is a modern high -speed highway, where there are almost no traffic jams. The already opened Krasnopresnenskoye highway will help that the road to a country house becomes more convenient and faster.

Villages on Novorizhskoye Shosse are considered one of the best. They, located in the prestigious area of ​​the Moscow Region, allow us to use all the benefits of the surrounding infrastructure of the Ilyinsky and Rublevsky highway, which allows you to effectively build free time. There is land or country houses of different classes here.

Any cottage village of the Moscow Region needs professional round -the -clock security. In cottage villages, you will feel safe.

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