Complex approach when creating a project for a family

A comprehensive approach is important with the design creation of comfortable housing for family residence. It implies a favorable architectural environment, a well -prepared layout of all living spaces and a high -quality combination with the surrounding system, which is harmoniously supplemented by the infrastructure of the village. It is very important to think through even the slightest details: protected areas for walking, ramps for the convenience of baby strollers, and other factors that give comfort, as well as safety both inside the house and outside. A systematic approach to construction will allow even in economical villages to make families to live a cozy. In fact, very few developers erect a full -fledged infrastructure in created villages, although this could be an additional factor for attracting potential buyers.

As a rule, developers do not earn money in schools and medical institutions, so the entire social infrastructure created is forced to pay for itself. The costs of building and maintaining social infrastructure are transferred to the developers to buyers themselves, including the cost of real estate. From this it follows that the less the cost of the project, the poorer its social content. It would be more convenient if in the development of infrastructure during the construction of low -rise housing were directly involved in the authorities of the city with which plans for the construction of facilities are agreed.

Many realtors claim that the success of the purchase depends on the psychological atmosphere in the family of customers, and not on the amount of money. Today, up to seventy percent of all respondents respondents responds negatively to the question of the possibility of changing housing conditions, citing the lack of resources and assets as a reason. The peculiarity of the housing market lies in ignorance of modern tools. Many can change their housing conditions, they just incorrectly study what they have. Even given the high prices and not very convenient mortgage loans, such opportunities are available, but they may not be today, not tomorrow, but promising. They must be morally ready for them. And, when in the heads of buyers the idea of ​​the opportunity to purchase the housing they need and professional market developers will be able to satisfy these requirements, people will be able to choose the right purchase for themselves.

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