What is the modern Spanish villa

The Spanish villa is considered a rich country house, which is located on the sea coast. And the sea, of course, is too warm and affectionate, so as not to seduce a day on the beach, sunbathing under the sun and enjoying a beautiful horizon. It is permissible to use marble, build columns and frescoes as a finish for the villa. If you want to buy a villa in Spain, then in addition to the house, you will also get a good land plot, landscaped and well -maintained. Spanish villas are built according to the projects of one – two -story houses, and the distinguishing features of the building are a twiger -type roof, tile coating, the presence of pseudo -portals, massive columns, atriums, winter gardens, basins and terraces.

The modern Spanish villa is characterized by a high level of autonomy, since the country perfectly establish systems of alternative energy sources that allow you to equip life to their liking. In addition, engineering systems are highly technological and quality, automation.

The very small Spanish villa itself is designed for 180 square meters, there are also mansions up to 250 square meters. The house is great for relaxation and permanent residence, so 120 thousand euros are a very real price for all amenities, joys of everyday life, excellent view from the window, comfort, home warmth and comfort.

The Spanish villa makes it possible to replenish the ranks of the country’s high society, as well as get a high social status. Such a house is truly luxurious, comfortable and convenient in everything. Villa rental will always bring stable income.

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