Distinguishing features of the Bentley Hotel, to take into account

Often, many of us have to be in the capital. There are reasons for arrival in Moscow for a day or two. And almost always the question arises where to spend the night? Well, if there are relatives or acquaintances, ready to shelter you.

But if you do not know anyone in the capital, then you have to look for some kind of overnight option. The ideal option in this case is to use the services of the hotel. Hotel room may be needed not only nonresident. Hotels and hotels in Moscow at your service. But where to find a good hotel?

So, you need a hotel, which in the capital are a great many. But it is best to rent a room at the Bentley Hotel located in the center of Moscow. Why exactly in it? There are many reasons why this hotel in which is not smoked is more profitable than competitors. Firstly, its convenient geographical location in the very center of Moscow in a matter of minutes walk from the Kremlin and Red Square. The hotel is located near the station in a very beautiful mansion, which has a long and rich history. In fact, you will live in a monument of history and culture.

Secondly, Bentley offers you the highest level of service, which is very rare in mini-hotels. At the service of guests 16 category numbers "Standard" And "Deluxe". The number of the Standard category is equipped with everything necessary: ​​convenient furniture, high -speed access to the World Wide Web, satellite television, a bathroom with a convenient shower room, there is also a complete set of necessary household appliances in the room. As a pleasant bonus, the hotel offers complex free breakfasts to all guests. Removing inexpensive hotel room in Moscow is most convenient at the Bentley Hotel.

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