Housing accumulative cooperatives what it is

With the introduction of the new Housing Code (LCD), a resuscitation of the well-known form of financing housing construction in Soviet times-housing and construction cooperative (ZhSK). The cooperative has a connection with a specific project, the number of its members in the residential complex should correspond to the number of residential premises in a multi -storey building. ZhSK products are much cheaper (without percent) for the developer, t. To. According to the LCD and the Law on Consumer Cooperation, the housing cooperative is a non -profit organization that uses funds for the construction of the house and does not make profit from their use. The new residential complex enables legal entities to redeem the share and become members of the housing cooperative, which increases the range of participants in financing for housing projects.

Housing and assault cooperatives

According to Federal Law No. 215, housing and assuming cooperatives (ZhNK) have entered into force since 2005. For the developer of the ZhNU, this is an ordinary shareholder, the difference is that financing is not tied to the specifically built objects, for this reason there are great risks for members of the ZhNU. About 120 housing and feeding cooperatives are functioning in Russia today.

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