The reasons for the popularity of cottage villages

Cottage villages are becoming more and more popular every year. Their popularity can be explained by the fact that more and more residents of the capital of our state are striving to leave the dusty and noisy city as far as possible. Therefore, they are interested not only in the country’s houses themselves, but also to land plots in which they will be able to build a house in the future. And, as you know, land plots are always an excellent sphere of investing their capital into the future. Each of the cottage villages consists of several houses with different costs. Moreover, the cost of the region and the village itself will have its direct influence on the cost. Not unimportant factors that affect the status of a cottage village are comfort, comfort and a calm atmosphere of a cottage village.

The advantages of modern cottage villages have several. Firstly, cottage villages in environmentally friendly areas with picturesque landscapes are being built. Some of them may be in close proximity to the river or lake. Secondly, the presence of a well-developed transport interchange allows residents of the cottage village without problems to get to work, both by public transport and personal car. Thirdly, all cottage villages are equipped with modern communication systems, which allows people not to experience any discomfort due to the fact that they do not live in the city. It is also worth saying about the cost of houses in cottage villages, which will be significantly lower, compared with similar real estate objects leading in the capital of the Russian state. At the same time, according to their comfort conditions, these country houses will not differ from private houses.

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