Distinctive features of real estate in Crimea how to choose

In our article we will talk about resort cities and housing in Crimea. Geographically, Crimea is divided into the steppe, mountainous and seaside part.

Northern and Central Regions of Crimea (Dzhanka, Armyansk, Krasnoperekopsk) – these areas go to the steppe part, this land is quite dull. But here you can visit places such as cave cities and monasteries in Bakhchisarai. But you can visit these places with the help of excursions, rent housing, for relaxation in this place, you probably will not want.

The capital of the Peninsula of Simferopol – for tourism this city is of little interest, here, mostly visitors and students are interested in housing.

The mountain zone of Crimea – this part is so beautiful that it is difficult to describe it in a nutshell. Caves, waterfalls, fresh air and nature itself will leave a joyful memory in your soul. There are many tourist bases in the mountains, both from the time of the USSR and modern recently rebuilt. So with housing is not problematic here.

Now let’s talk about the main spa areas – these are SUBK zones. Sea, sea, sea for the sake of the sea to Crimea 90 percent of resorters go to Crimea.

North-West (Black Sea)-a good area for a quieter rest. Clear sea, influx of tourists is small, quiet place, prices for housing will pleasantly surprise you.

Evpatoria (West) is a place for children. Many children’s sanatoriums and camps. Sand beach. But the minus is that there are no mountains in this area, and if you plan not only beach, but also an excursion vacation, then there are some difficulties. Great removal of the city from other cities of Crimea.

Kerch (East) – pluses – these are sandy beaches and pleasant prices for housing. The minus is that this resort part is also located far from the rest.

Sevastopol is a hero of a rich history and a lot of interesting things.

GASPRA, Alupka, Simeiz, Foros – the most beautiful places among the mountainous areas. Housing prices are more expensive, but the rest in these places is unforgettable.

Yalta is a glamorous town with many restaurants, concert halls, but the prices here are very high. Enjoy your rest.

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