Can a disabled person get his own apartment in Russia

In social terms, disabled people are the most unprotected, because we have so little done for their normal adaptation. Some of them is forced to live in constrained conditions, and someone’s dwelling is not at all adapted for normal life and existence. It should be noted that in our legislation there is an article that provides for improving the living conditions of the disabled. Only there are too many features to stand in line and not fly out of it with a whistle.

For a long time, in accordance with the norms and laws that were adopted back in 1995, the family of people with disabilities and those who have disabled children are able to claim additional square meters. They are provided with the best conditions in the order of the queue, which is provided by the same legislation.

There are no special criteria for registering disabled people, but the time for setting the line plays a big role. After 2005 or earlier, since the law has small amendments on this matter.

So, those who were in line until January 1 of that year have the right to receive a subsidy instead of the supplied squares. Which will allow you to sell the existing housing and let the amount for the surcharge when buying a new. Unfortunately, only those who are a disabled person or veteran of the Second World War can be used by this privilege. Moreover, they can retain their right to receive housing, which will be granted under a social rental agreement.

But those who were registered only in 2005 will now wait for the queue for a very long time, it is possible that all their lives. Out of turn, only those who have chronic forms of serious illness can take place. For this reason, the decision on the issue of receiving housing is decided individually.

It must be remembered that the registration will require a whole package of documents to confirm the status of a disabled person.

It is worth remembering that the norm per person is 18 square meters of dwelling. This figure can only be exceeded twice, provided that the quadrature of the whole room or one -room apartment achieve. It should be noted that those who suffer from severe forms of the disease are able to claim the same area. At the same time, they can indicate the reason for their relocation to a particular school, kindergarten or medical institution.

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