Advantages of buying housing in a one -story cottage

A one -story cottage is quite functional and safe, a single -level house is always considered the best option. You do not need to worry and each time climb the second floor to check what the child is doing.

It is not easy for people to go down and climb the second floor again. You do not need to run from the floor to the floor for the necessary things.

The cottage is quite simple and simple in the construction process, despite the fact that its cost can be more than erecting a two -story analogue. If we talk about the construction of a building structure, then this will not be difficult, as well as subsequent maintenance and repair of the house.

Do not forget that one -story house is easier to heat. After all, the only floor allows you to minimize heat loss, and the installation of the heating system itself will be much faster to be carried out just in this structure.

Low walls simplify the design of the house, in other words, the entire load on the foundation of a single -level cottage will be much less, unlike its two -level mansion. Therefore, you save time and your funds on the foundation.

Useful area in this option will be much larger.

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