Varieties of real estate in Kubinka which option to buy

Despite the fact that the population of Kubinka is a little over 26 thousand, in this small city near Moscow there is a rather diverse housing stock. In different years, different types of housing were built here, and in the end it is difficult to give some generalized characteristic of local real estate today.

In particular, the panel multi -storey buildings built in the fifties and seventies are still well preserved. Most often in such houses there are two -room apartments, such in panel high -rise buildings at least half. The maximum area of ​​such apartments is 54 square meters, and the minimum is 41 square meters. One -room apartments in panel houses of these years of construction – at least 30%, their area ranges from 31 to 39 square meters. Four -room apartments are extremely rare, and all other apartments are mainly three -room. This real estate in Kubinka is very small in the kitchen. Their dimensions never exceed 12 square meters, but the most typical kitchens are 5-6 square meters.

In the same years, not only panel, but also brick options for multi -storey buildings were built, which differ little in their characteristics – the main thing in them is the brick. In the city there are entire quarters consisting exclusively of these typical buildings of Soviet buildings.

There are also the so -called “Stalin” houses in Kubinka. They were built since 1947 and until about 1955. The number of such houses is generally small. Their architecture is practically no different from the traditional and for other cities of the “Stalin” style. Present in the appearance of such houses and “excesses” – special sculptures of the socialist era.

The lowest fund is the lowest quality, which includes, however, not only terrifying wooden houses on the outskirts of the city, but also some buildings of the pre -revolutionary construction. These are prestigious houses, but they need to be repaired.

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