Is it profitable to invest in real estate Poland

The acquisition of real estate in Poland can be a very profitable investment, especially when it comes to commercial objects (for example, hotels, warehouses, etc. D.) Moreover, Polish legislation is very loyal to foreigners. Official permission practically does not require a fairly wide category of buyers, unless it is a real estate that is in the border zone or about significant agricultural lands (with an area of ​​more than 1 ha). However, what categories of citizens do not need state resolution? The permit for the purchase of real estate to those foreigners who live in Poland is not required for at least 5 years from the moment of receipt of a residence permit, as well as those who are the spouse of a Poland citizen and lives in the country for at least 2 years from the date of receipt of a residence permit. Also, permission is not necessary when it comes to inheritance rights. In other cases, it will still have to be obtained. It is issued by the director of the Special Department of the Ministry of the Interior, and in agreement with the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Agriculture (if we are talking about agricultural land).

The procedure for the acquisition of any real estate objects is regulated in the Polish legislation at once by several documents – the administrative procedural code and special laws (one of them dates back to 1920). All these laws apply to foreigners (but only those who do not have the second, Polish, citizenship). These regulatory legal acts determine the procedure for issuing the already mentioned permission. The latter is issued on the basis of a statement written by the buyer, in which he indicates not only his passport data, but also an accurate description of the property, indicates its location, the type of civil law transaction.

The statement may also reflect the bonds that connect such a person with Poland (for example, living in the Republic of Poland, marriage with a Poland citizen, Polish nationality or origin, as well as membership in the management bodies of enterprises with foreign investment). The appropriate documents are applied to the application (for example, a marriage certificate or a statement certified from the company’s trading register accordingly).

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