Why is the demand for small -sized housing is growing

Apartments with smaller area today are not yet quite common, and are also considered less prestigious and "First" housing for those who have come from other regions and are practically not considered as good housing for a long time (10 years).

Despite this, these proposals appear – therefore, demand increases on them. Small -sized apartments make it possible to solve the housing problem now and here, so this product is in demand and interesting for a certain group of buyers. Little Gabarits acquire two categories of people: the first category in order to rent this housing after purchasing, and the second – to live at least for some time in a purchased apartment.

In addition, people prefer that small -sized "ordinary" houses, not in a separate LCD and, only small apartments had. After all, they rightly fear the quick transformation of these houses into slums for reasons for the disregard for "as if temporarily living", to neighbors and to all common property. In the meantime, developers prefer if they build a house from one -room apartments, then with standard areas. On the move, successful projects of the erected high -rise building with small -sized even remember.

Infoquis The device of roofs is a technically complex construction task, which should be entrusted to a professional team of roofers with many years of experience and extensive portfolio of finished facilities.

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