Who buys suburban real estate to what to pay attention

In order to find out who is the buyer of elite suburban real estate did not have to spend much time.

Because studies were conducted that showed that buyers are officials or heads of state institutions whose age is from 40-60 years. Such data were established by analysts due to the fact that this real estate was performed in the classic style. And if you take owners of large or medium -sized businesses, then they mainly prefer more new developments.

Elite suburban real estate is not left without owners, especially if the houses are located on the river bank. If a house is being developed, then it must be used in a natural finish, the area is at least 1900 square meters, while the entire land reaches up to 60 acres. But, there are not classic villages, but more modern ones that are made in the style of Townhouse. In such areas, houses make up no more than 270 square meters, and the land is about four acres.

If you study country houses that are in the “classic” village, then their cost can reach more than nine million dollars. Despite such high prices, nevertheless, today it is not a problem to find an elite manor -type house. Because agencies provide more than ten villages with such houses.

The head of one agency submitted last year the countdown that elite real estate, the value of which is from two billion dollars, is acquired by federal -level officials. At the same time, real estate is acquired not only for living, but also as a gift or for other purposes. It is necessarily issued for relatives.

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