Examples of projects of residential buildings what to pay attention to

The total area of ​​the city is 2,000 ha, t. e. 385 m2 per 1 inhabitant (according to Face, 1400 hectares). The minimum area of ​​the manor site is about 650 m2. When selling houses, a condition is placed prohibiting the construction of fences (except for shrub). This second city Levittown is designed mainly for the resettlement of the staff of the new steel factory Ferlace Style. Near this city, a company, which belongs to the steel plant, has been built by another city of Ferlace Hill Vilej for the population of 18-20 thousand. Human.

The plan of the latter and the composition of its construction sites correspond to modern American techniques and requirements. It is interesting that the placement of the considered cities, as indicated in the materials of their description, is not agreed with the conditions of traffic, water supply and sewage, existing in this state, which is associated with the lack of district layout. According to data led to. Face, in the USA in early 1955. In the initial stage of construction, there is another such town (Lincoln Village), and the other for 35 thousand. residents are under design.

Comparing the above examples from the practice of building several European countries and the United States, you can come to the following final conclusions. New small cities in a relatively small number of cases are self-sufficient settlements with their own economic and economic base and full-fledged cultural and household service. For the most part, they approach the type of satellite cities. When creating new small cities, there is a great opportunity to widely use modern planning techniques than during construction, carried out within existing cities.

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