What to pay attention to when exchanging an apartment

If you are going to exchange apartments for an unequal cost, it must be borne in mind that either certain funds or another property that you own (garage, cottage, land plot) are needed as an additional payment). Sometimes a car may also act as a similar surcharge. There are two types of unequal metabolism of real estate: either for an expensive apartment, a cheaper one is given, but with the installed surcharge, or you pay extra for a existing difference in square meters, t. e., total area of ‚Äč‚Äčapartments.

All real estate transactions are best carried out using the services of professionals. The desire to save can lead to deplorable results. It is especially necessary to be careful with customers who insist or intrusively recommend not to use the services of real estate agencies.

Since the exchange of an apartment is a fertile field for the activities of scammers and various kinds of scammers, when drawing up a housing exchange agreement, take into account the following important points: 1. It is necessary to make sure that there are no property claims of third parties for the exchange of this real estate, housing is not seized and it is not a collateral.2. A complete and reliable characteristic of housing should be set out in the apartment exchange agreement: address, area, number of rooms.3. In addition, the contract should have an indication of whether the right to use this housing for any of its previous owners will be reserved, in the case of transferring this real estate to another person. You can cancel the transaction if the above clause in the contract is missing.4. The contract must also indicate both the procedure for the transfer of the changing real estate and specific dates.5. The exchange of an apartment cannot be made if it is located in a building that requires reconstruction or is subject to demolition.6. The conclusion of the transaction is also prohibited if, during it, one of the parties receives the worst housing conditions than before. In any case, we recommend that you do not solve your own issues on real estate exchange. It is better to turn to professional realtors in order to gain confidence that the housing exchange agreement will be drawn up and fulfilled legally correctly and competently, and the selected option for the exchange of the apartment will perfectly comply with both your financial capabilities and to any of your requirements.

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