Coastal navigation signs what it is

In the Valley of the Skhodnya River: coastal navigation signs – in one of the most environmentally friendly places in the vicinity of Moscow, there is a residential complex Olympic village of Novogorsk, which is referred. Conveniently located on the border of Moscow and the region, on the zero kilometer of the Mashkinsky highway, thanks to the features of the relief, the Olympic village residential complex allows its population to admire the horizon not panoramic species of the metropolis, but natural landscapes of amazing beauty, because the Valley of the River Skhodnya is a unique place that received a unique place in 2004. The status of a national park and which is hundreds of hectares of pure wooded coastal territories.

The residential complex Olympic village Novorsk has its own island to relax, spread out in the middle of the river, which can be hit on two cross -line bridges, and as the surrounding panorama – the river and the field for playing golf, in order to return home from work, you were able to -Do to feel in the resort. The Olympic village is located on a safe protected territory where you can live in unity with nature, and this "A new standard of living" On the hills of the bliss of the Skhodnya River, it makes it possible, without leaving home, to feel in harmony with the outside world daily and hourly.

The road from the Olympic village to the center takes no more than an hour by car, even with the most tense traffic, since there are several highways. And in the near future, there will even be a high -speed tram route, which is planned to be launched into the Olympic village from Khimki. Residential complex Olympic village of Novogorsk is an ideal place for active life: for romantic walks through the forest or playing sports in the fresh air, hilling on the hilly coast or for fishing. Olympic village of Novogorsk: Special Reality.

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