Are there any cottage villages business class features

Suburban real estate related to the business class, for some time was absolutely not in demand. Because of what such a thing arose is not love? Yes, all due to the fact that the cottages were built far enough from the city, and they did not differ in strong comfort. Few decided to live away from the city, constant driving to the city to work and back it is an invoice, even for wealthy people. And for people with an economy class status, sometimes they buy housing of this type of mortgage, such a ride is not at all affordable. Of course this is not an insult, but it is just like that.

But still, the situation has changed today and now, if you wish, then the house outside the city can be purchased quite inexpensively, and comfort will be the most convenient for life. Due to the fact that the demand was almost zero for some time, the prices of cottage houses were reduced so that the buyer was finally found. And how low the price has become, you ask?

Of course, compared to the past, the decrease has occurred insignificant, but if you compare the house with the cost of the apartment and, moreover, that it is with all amenities, it will cost you the price of a three -room apartment. So, if you seriously planned to change the city air out the air outside the city and, so to speak, merge with nature, then selling a three -room apartment, you can do it.

Well, thanks to such changes, you managed to find buyers, but not too much. Most houses in cottage villages of a business class are empty and waiting for their buyers. Prices, of course, have changed, but still not too low, so people come and inspect at home with meticulousness. They conclude that at home of course they have comfort for life and high, but infrastructure, it is not at all in the villages. After all, life in the village, although cottage without life devices, such as a kindergarten, school, shops, payment terminals, today is comparable to the farm.

So now the developers of such villages solve a new problem, the construction of infrastructure. And it is possible that soon the houses will begin to bother when people see that life in villages is possible and even much better than urban. Then they will buy at home more than once every two months, and every month and at least four. Then life will begin to seethe here and here.

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