What is a cottage of special status features

Currently, the construction of a country house is one of the ways to solve the problem of the apartment issue. The exception is the individual construction of the house under a specific customer. Only in this case will the house meet all the requirements of its owner.

But such houses are being built for a very long time, and in the secondary market they are practically absent. There are also special status cottages. What are these houses. This type of real estate appeared on the market relatively recently. Therefore, even experts cannot decide what type of real estate can be attributed to this type. Most often, cottages of special status are called exhibition samples with the signature of the famous and popular architect.

A characteristic feature of such a house is an extremely high project price. For comparison, the project of a conventional cottage is 500-1000 dollars., And the cost of the project of the status cottage ranges from 12 to 15 thousand. Dol. But why buy such expensive projects? Such projects exist in a single copy. Therefore, he will never be closed by its creator. VIP buyers can afford such a project, which is only 3% of the consumer market.

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