How to legally arrange Tanhaus in the ownership of the features

Townhaus can be considered an alternative to city apartment. Townhaus transactions account for about 15% of the total number of transactions. Today, the price of economy class apartment in Moscow is sometimes higher than the option of Townhouse from 100 square meters. m. No further than 10 km. From the Moscow Ring Road. The minimum price for the purchase of Townhouse will be at the initial stage of construction. The larger the village in which you are going to acquire real estate, the more opportunities will be after the end of the construction. This will affect the maintenance of the territory of the village, paying for communication costs. All expenses in such villages are proportionally divided into the number of living families. Infrastructure is easier to organize in a place where 300 families live, this option will interest professional infrastructure objects.

In the legal registration of the right to property of such an object, it should be remembered that in legal practice there is no term Taunhaus. When buying real estate, you buy an apartment in the house. With this option, the purchase is drawn up by two contracts – the right to ownership of the apartment and the right to ownership of the land plot. The issue of land ownership is a legal feature of such a purchase. A option is possible in which the land belongs to other persons, in which case you become the owner of the right to an apartment in the house. Differences are observed in this document. If the entire series of Townhouse is decorated as a single house, the buyer acquires a share in common property. When registering the entire Townhouse as an apartment building, the buyer becomes the owner of ownership of an apartment in an apartment building. The best option for the buyer would be to transfer land to him. All these legal nuances need to know and take into account.

Located in a comfortable green zone, away from urban noise and dust, apartments in Townhouse are in demand from buyers today. Young families, buying apartments in Townhouse, have the opportunity to get their own housing. Banks are happy to draw up mortgage loans. It is not difficult to get to the city, since villages are usually built near the main roads. In the vicinity of such villages there are schools, clinics, shopping centers.

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