What fluctuations arise in the real estate market

Over the past six months of this year, the State Registration Service has registered 586.4 thousand objects related to residential real estate, and most often the inhabitants of our country recorded ownership of the purchased apartments.

This is indicated by the data provided by the press service of this organization.

Based on the statistical data recorded in the property rights register, over the past six months, of the total number of registered residential real estate objects, 419.7 thousand.

Accounted for apartments that Ukrainians acquire and re -recording most often, compared to other types of residential real estate. And only 164.9 thousand. Records in the register are registered with residential buildings, and registration of other types of residential premises is 1.7 thousand. records, which indicates a trend in a change in preferences and priorities from residents of Ukraine in the acquisition of residential property.

The largest peak of real estate registration came in April, when 129.3 thousand were registered. property rights. March was 109.5 thousand. registration of residential real estate, and 105.7 thousand for June.

The smallest number of registrations of residential property were recorded in the winter months, and in January the number of registrations was 48.8 thousand.

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