Legacy Suits Bangkok Description and Pros of Hotel

We arrived at the hotel – we met us excellently, by the way, ordered a number through the hotel booking system. Without wasting time registered. Let’s say that I did not have to wait for almost placement. Probably, I also agree with the rest of the reviews in terms of accommodation: no one will like to wait until you are sent to the room. I admit that in November in Legacy Suits Bangkok there are not many people. Normal hotel, I don’t know why there are enough negative reviews about it, there is no comrade to taste and color. It was very fun. The hotel is located on an amazing beach. The location is very good, we walked everywhere. The rooms are clean…

Good rooms, clean, tidy, bedding is good. In the number of slippers and robes are new. On the territory of the hotel there is an open pool and a basin with a hydromassage. A great platform near the pool with tents, sunlock is better by the pool, with pillows. I really liked the food. Everything is delicious and diverse. You can always find something that you like. Thank you to the cook. Despite the diverse menu in the hotel, sometimes you go – you go and you can’t choose anything. Excellent stylist across the road – from any lust blinds the star. If there is a desire to find out details about Legacy Suites Bangkok – write, I will be happy to answer. We were also absolutely satisfied with all excursions. Received a bunch of unforgettable memories. Rested with my daughter, money for a trip earned in Workle. Spent an unforgettable excellent time!

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