How to relax in a spiritual hotel what to take into account

Rested in hotels with my daughter. The hotel is small, built in the style of the Greek village: small cozy houses, trimmed with stone, green area, lemons, oranges, grenades, figs, many colors grow.

The number went to the sea. The room has very good furniture, plumbing, bathroom soap, shower gel and shampoo in the bathroom. When arriving, we were waiting for a compliment from the hotel – a plate of fruit.

We ate all inclusions from the system. The restaurant is quite large for such a hotel, there is a closed part, as well as a terrace with a sea view, where we mainly had breakfast, lunch and dinner. The range of dishes is small, but everything is edible, you will not stay hungry. For breakfast, we ate a delicious Greek yogurt with dried fruits, for lunch and dinner, as a rule, there were 2-3 types of hot dishes, several salads, snacks, side dishes. There were few fruits, mainly oranges and grapes, for the dessert of 2-3 cakes and the same number of ice cream.

Drinks in the restaurant are brought by waiters, for breakfast coffee in a coffee pot, tea in a small teapot, for about one portion. For lunch and dinner wine in a jug, stake and water in glasses. This moment did not cause any inconvenience, on the contrary, the waiters are very quick -hearted, they will suit and will be happy to fulfill the order.

The sea is located across the road from the hotel, but the road is small, almost no one drives along it. Sandy beach, sun loungers and umbrellas paid. We bathed into the sea, and sunbathed on free sun loungers in the hotel. As for the sea, in 12 days of our stay calm and transparent, it was only once, the rest of the time a strong wind blew, sometimes reaching 36 m/s. A red flag hung on the beach for several days, on such days we did not bathe, but walked around a nearby village with the name Stalid, in which there are many cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops.

I want to say that I have the best memories from the rest, but the second time I will hardly go there, as I love a calmer sea.

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