The advantages of log houses what needs to be taken into account

Everyone who wants to build a wooden structure regardless of purpose is faced with a choice of material. Despite the fact that the assortment is huge, a beam and log remain popular. Their characteristics are not much different, but you have to build in different ways.

The log in our country was, is and will be a traditional material. Someone prefers ordinary logs, someone’s gallected. Only experienced and professional masters will cope with the log. All because the thickness in comle is different from the thickness at the top, and the southern side is heavier than the northern.

These reasons erected the log of the log in the first place. After all, he can be given the same shape and thickness. Baths from such logs are impeccable. They perfectly retain heat and protect against draft. True, it is difficult to install such a log house, because it needs to be customized, finished from the inside with lining, and this will not do this in a short time. But having such a bath, you feel yourself in ancient Rus’.

The construction of houses affect the same problems. Because of this, the beam is often chosen. Houses from a bar are no worse retaining heat, but they are not so protected from draft. In order to avoid this, the bars are better to choose studded with the presence of grooves. The insulating material should be present between them. Incomparable plus – ease of connection.

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