How not to fall into the hands of scammers when choosing a tenant

The tenant must be attentive when concluding a lease agreement in order to avoid further misunderstandings. Following simple rules, you can work for a long time in one office room without looking for a new place.

– Carefully read the lease, discussing all the issues that arise. Fighting provisions may not be able to change, but you will be ready for any actions of the lessor.

– Take care of the sublease with caution, if the subler is connected by contractual obligations with the lessor. In the event of a conflict between them or finding more profitable options, the main lessor has the right to terminate the contract, which entails the termination of the contract with all the subarteres. In such cases, there are not enough mechanisms for protecting the rights of subarterer.

– Do not take on unnecessary obligations. For example, the full repair of the premises after the completion of the lease term. It is necessary to agree to eliminate specific shortcomings and a limited volume of work. It is better to pass the room in its original form, then its initial state should be fixed.

– Limit items about operating expenses when concluding a lease agreement. Otherwise, the amounts that go to pay the building can become artificially overstated.

– When signing the acceptance certificate, check the compliance of the plan in the contract layout, take a picture of the office and the main nodes in it.

– Conduct a check of the lessor for the trial. In case of one is detected, look for another place to rent an office or the necessary premises.

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