Roof as an element of architecture of the house. Features of materials

Now the roof of the house has gained the status of an equal element of the entire architectural appearance of the construction, but this is not yet applied to the construction. Behind the thoughtful choice of roofing material lies a certain marketing move. It is also a good means to achieve architectural expressiveness of the entire structure. The use of materials such as copper or natural tiles allows you to position the object as an “elite”, built for centuries. The most common building materials used to cover the roofs of the Townhouse are metal tiles and flexible bitumen tiles. But, even using one type of coating, you can put a roof of different textures and colors, or various configurations and made in different levels.

If you combine materials on the roof, you have a large selection: if, for example, replace a metal tile with a composite analogue with a sprinkle of colored stone crumbs, then you can save on a natural tile. Giving the nobility of copper can stainless steel (with color coating) or aluminum. In modern projects, the roof takes the place of another facade or even an additional reserve. The homeowner can win an additional place through the use of a flat roof of the structure. Suppose, with partial glazing, you can place a solarium on it, break the winter garden, or make a corner for rest in the fresh air.

Several residential objects with verandas of different levels on flat roofs were recently designed in the territory of the Moscow Region. Buyers did not like this decision, they glazed very quickly. Moreover, this was done not according to a special plan, but by different methods.

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