How to prepare suburban real estate for sale

Any real estate, the same product as everyone else, to place an announcement of the type – the sale of houses in Salekhard will not be difficult, but in order to sell it, here are a few tips, so as not to get into trouble!

1) it makes sense to paint the facade, maybe even something to draw there. 2) the face of the house – windows, try to make them as neutral as possible, remove unnecessary jewelry, painting – will help improve the view of the house. 3) Remove clutter. Throw out, remove, sell, give everything that really does not apply to the house itself. 4) furniture: if the furnace is not furniture, throw it out or give – show the house, and not how you slapped it. 5) Cleaning and maintenance: Urgent cleaning in the house, if you are not the lastugine – do not be too lazy to screw new light bulbs. 6) Accessories will give your home charm. In the kitchen, if it is not empty, books on cooking, spices should appear. 7) Lighting: additional lighting or improvement of old lighting panels will improve your rating. 8) plumbing – we carry out a full replacement, preferably from high -quality materials. 9) floors: it is recommended to replace the old ones with new ones, the material depends exclusively on you, better and better material – higher price. Do not use carpet, this solution is not suitable for everyone. 10) Remodeling: There is a time and desire to raise the rating of your home – conduct an update in the kitchen, bathroom, update the windows.

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