Is it possible to remove living space without risk

Each time, as soon as there is a need to rent an apartment, you have to contact real estate agencies, look for a realtor or break off ads. But no one can guarantee that a person does not run into scammers. There are several rules to ensure that apartments for rent in Lviv, which can be found on the site

The best option would be to ask friends, neighbors or relatives. Maybe one of them knows who rents the apartment and where. This option is the most profitable, t. To. do not have to pay a realtor, but an option for some deception occurs is also a rarity. But, it happens that there is no way to find out from friends, you can contact the Internet. On the sites of real estate there are a lot of various offers that can suit everyone.

Of course, if this option is also absent, then in this case it is necessary to go to the real estate agency. The main thing is that it is reliable!

So, housing was found, now it is necessary to move on to filling out documentation. On paper, it is necessary to fix the receipt, which will be signed by the signatures of the realtor, tenant and home owner. Mandatory, the receipt should indicate the amount of the deposit that was made.

Then you need to personally meet with the owner of the apartment, see his documents: passport and ownership of the apartment. If everything is fine, then you can confidently draw up a contract. By this you can protect yourself from eviction and various overpayments. It is necessary to stipulate the issue of eviction. If the owner asks you to leave, then he must give a month in search of new housing. Repair work that can be performed by you or the owner of the apartment is also discussed.

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