The advantages of mini hotels in St. Petersburg and Moscow

Demand for hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg has always been big. These are tourist cities where tourists come from around the world. Our compatriots are often traveling there and stop for several days. Come to Moscow and Peter with school groups, or just shopping. It is for such guests that inexpensive hotels exist. But, inexpensive, this does not mean bad hotels at all. Small hotels can compete with large star hotels. As a rule, these are private small hotels in Moscow. They are ideal for people who cannot afford to stop in an expensive hotel. What are they?

Mini hotels do not have a star category, but usually have a good service level. They have a homely interior and attentive staff. Many visitors note that such hotels are no different from star hotels, and in some ways they even surpass them.

Such a mini hotel holds no more than 40 rooms. This creates a home environment and the silence itself. The service of such hotels is high, the visitor will be offered laundry services, transfer and even excursion.

In small hotels there will never be a line in a restaurant and a reception room, there is no noise at night. The rooms are usually autonomous heating, pleasant design and location of the metro convenient.

Small hotels can be of different categories, both expensive and cheaper. There may be a high level of service, which is suitable for those who came to relax for a long time. But, there is a simple type of service for tourists, which is natural cheaper. Such a hotel is suitable for a group where everything can stop.

The hotel may have a kitchen, which is never in a large hotel. This is very convenient for those who prefer to cook on their own. This is well suited for travelers with kids and people who need diet food. There are also a small inexpensive cafe in hotels.

Hotels are sometimes located in beautiful mansions, which have their own yard area where you can relax well. The hotels outside the city are popular, where you can spend the weekend away from the bustle of the city.

You can order a room in a mini hotel both by phone and through the site. You can pay both a credit card and using electronic money.

The choice of such a hotel is a great choice, because here you can have a great rest and feel at home.

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