Is it possible to get nuances in Latin America

To acquire real estate in Latin America is a rather interesting proposal. In Latin America, many countries are represented that put up their attractive real estate for sale. Let’s talk about Panama. More recently, it was very profitable to buy real estate in Panama. Our compatriots bought real estate in Panama, not only to enjoy an excellent vacation, but also to get good profit from rent. But recently, the demand for this real estate has fallen significantly. The thing is that the cost of real estate in Panama began to grow, but virtually, that is, exclusively on paper.

Consider other regions, for example, the Caribbean. Here, buying real estate is a quite attractive business. Here you can get good real estate, it will be good investments. For example, on a yamike you can buy a good apartment of 1.5 thousand dollars per square meter. For comparison, it should be noted that, for example, in Barcelona the same real estate will cost 6 times more. On Jamaica, the sale of glued timber houses is very actively conducted. Natural materials are in great demand around the world. Such a house can also be bought for a low cost as for a resort country. Buying such a house is a pleasure.

What is a simple purchase of real estate here is that there is no real estate tax. This greatly facilitates the purchase process.

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