The Italian Island Skorpios sold what you need to know

It became known that soon the Italian island of Scorpios will change its owner.

The current owner of the Italian island, Athena Onassis, who is the granddaughter of the legendary Greek billionaire, confirmed that she intends to sell Scorpios to a certain Russian billionaire.

It is known that the contract of sale is developed by two legal firms at once. At the same time, one of them is in Geneva, and the second in Athens. It is already reported that both parties are ready to conclude a contract. The reason for which Athena decided to sell the island is not reported.

Recall that Aristotle Onassis bought an island in 1962. This place is known to the general public most of all as the private possession of Aristotle Onassis, which he acquired for three million drams. It was here that the Greek billionaire married Jacqueline Kennedy. After the death of Onassis, the island, as an inheritance, went to his daughter Christine, and then to his granddaughter, the current owner, Athena Onassis. By the way, Aristotle himself, as well as his children, Alexander and Christina were buried at Scorpios.

So far, the amount of the transaction and the name of the buyer of the island are kept secret. However, business publications have already estimated the cost of the island at about 200 million dollars.

It remains to wait a bit and soon we will find out who became the new owner of Scorpios.

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