How not to lose when buying real estate in Florence

Having caught up with the acquisition of the apartment or some other real estate in Italy, you will be surprised to learn that the most expensive city in Italy in terms of real estate value is Milan. Milants themselves, glancing at more than exorbitant prices for apartments in their native and beloved city, see the only way out only in rental housing. The average cost per square meter of the Milan living area costs about 3 thousand euros. This is a lot by any standards. Paradoxically, in the eternal city, apartments are somewhat cheaper than in Milan (although Rome can hardly be called a cheap city at a square meter cost). So, in Rome, the average cost per square meter cost is approximately 2.8-2.9 thousand euros, and sometimes more. If you have a solid amount that you are ready to spend on the acquisition of Italian real estate, and the desire to live in one of the most romantic cities in the world, you can consider options for acquiring real estate in Venice, famous for your channels, through the expanses of which gondols with gondols. So, for a fairly modest and small apartment in this beautiful city, you will have to pay at least one million euros. In no case should one forget that in Venice almost all real estate is highly historical value in one way or another, therefore, in private ownership, it is very little, and even that, of course, belongs to either the municipality or the province of Venice, or (which is extremely rare) is owned by the state.

Florence is also a city with its history and legends, but still there is cheaper real estate, and more choice. Although everything in this world is relative. The square meter of Florentine housing will cost you “only” in 2000 euros. Since the city is also famous for its architectural, cultural and historical attractions, the purchase of real estate here can be a good source of income. The fact is that tourists are never translated here, and therefore there are always enough people who want to rent an apartment in this amazingly beautiful city. It should be noted that Italian laws are quite liberal and, one might say, democratic in terms of acquiring real estate by foreigners. There are no restrictions on the purchase of real estate for foreigners here. But it must be remembered that if you decide to buy real estate in Italy, you will have to pay 11 % of the state fee at the time of signing the transaction, 3 % of the notary, who documented the transaction, and 3 % to the realtor who found the desired and coveted object for you , that is, an apartment that suits you in all respects. For example, more information about this can be found out on the Interitalia website. ru. But on the Italian annual real estate tax, regardless of its strict and frightening name, is difficult and unreleased, since it is only about 0.4% of the full cost of the object, which will undoubtedly pleasantly surprise and delight the owner who has real estate in Italy. Italy is a universally recognized all -season European paradise for tourists. Everyone knows about this, so the flow of thirsts for the historical, legendary land, which was once the Great Roman Empire, never runs out. They come here from all over lands, from various countries, and all year round. Rome, Vatican, Venice, Florence – some of these names of cities are already quite enough to attract and lure the whole hordes of travelers. The most beautiful and picturesque coast of the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas, beautiful ski resorts, as well as a light raid of “dust of centuries” for all this and many other pleasant and promising interesting leisure moments turn the purchase of real estate in Italy into a very profitable investment of capital.

To the same time, the prices of Italian real estate, which are not distinguished by accessibility, steadily and irresistibly grow every year. Entrepreneurs and those for whom the rental or purchase of real estate is “business” and “elites” of the class is a constant and proven source of income, and not a means to please or pamper, have been looking closely and are trying to the possibility of acquiring Italian real estate. Therefore, it is not surprising that far from one hundred Russian wealthy citizens have private property in Italy, from apartments and ending with chic villas on the banks of the Adriatic or Mediterranean Seas. Such investment brings them regular, stable, annual and fairly significant profit, as well as a situation in society. You cannot lose sight of how prestigious such a purchase is in the eyes of the whole society. It is well known that very many world celebrities from many countries invested their far from small capital in real estate with a wonderful, sunny, hospitable and beautiful country called Italy.

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