How to plan the purchase of a new apartment what to take into account

So there is a long -awaited moment when there is an accumulated amount of money to purchase new housing for yourself. However, such a deal is very expensive and designed for a long time, so it is important not to rush and take a successful and seriously select a successful apartment so that further residence in it is comfortable and comfortable. All household nuances must be calculated, and the future owner will feel a feeling of deep inner satisfaction.

The number of storeys, the area of ​​the apartment, the number of rooms in it depends on the financial capabilities of the buyer, and the successful choice of equal in terms of the cost of apartments is already determined by the outcome of the eye and household ingenuity.

First you need to decide on the area of ​​residence, which is determined by real estate prices, and it is also useful to familiarize yourself with the geopathogenic zones of the city. The locations of industrial gases from factories and enterprises will not be a suitable option for living.

The ideal option is when the house is not far from work, and a good transport interchange will always facilitate the path of movement around the city.

It is very important that the area of ​​residence is distinguished by developed infrastructure, which differs in apartments in Varna, so that grocery stores, playgrounds, educational institutions, a hospital, pharmacies, etc. D.

The first criterion for the external assessment of the house is its input. It is important to take into account the year of the construction of the building, its appearance, the presence of parking for the machine, the proximity of grocery kiosks, etc. D. The apartment must be examined not only in daylight, but also in the evening, you can find out if there are lanterns in the yard, which contingent of people gathering near the entrance in the evenings.

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