Distinctive features of apartments in Lipetsk for a large family

For six months in Lipetsk, about twenty thousand square meters of new housing were erected. Already this spring organization "Construction Management in Lipetsk" about two hundred million rubles of capital investments were used. Active financing allowed public organizations to reconstruct and construction at least fifty social facilities and housing complex.

Five multi -storey buildings with a total area of ​​about twenty thousand were commissioned. sq. m, in the framework of the implementation of social programs for resettlement from dilapidated and emergency housing, 101 apartment was transferred to the city waiting list.

Also 30 families were transported from the sanitary zone. Also, 8 apartments of Lipetsk were provided to participants in the mortgage housing lending program. Also, in the next half of the year, the Lipetsk construction department will have to receive and invest in Lipetsk apartments of almost fifty million. rubles. In addition, residents of the Lipetsk region are more readily invested in real estate. It is obvious that this also has a positive impact on the development of the construction and improvement of the city.

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