How to make inventory forests what to pay attention to

For the passage to the structures serving for the descent of water from the intake, they arrange bridges with the railing. On land shells, all electric machines and devices are grounded; On floating shells, the pontoon housing is being closed. Pipe pipelines are laid on floats equipped with railing with railing, which in winter should be constantly cleaned of snow and ice.

Forests and grades

All floating products must be equipped with rescue circles and boats. Various types of forests and suburbs are widely used in construction work. Distinguish inventory and non -inventory forests and underwear. Inventory forests and substances consist of separate standard parts of the factory manufacture and are assembled (mounted) at the construction site in the required place.

The manufacture of inventory forests and scaffolds is carried out according to standard projects that are agreed with the Central Committee of the Trade Union. The manufacturer supplies inventory forests and a passport science. Non -inventory forests and underlines are built only for one -time use. Their device is allowed as an exception to the special permission of the chief engineer of construction.

Forests are made at the place of work from forests of conifers of the II variety. With a height of more than 4 m, a preliminary compilation of the project is required for forest construction, which is approved by the chief engineer.

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