How much will rent apartments cost in Kyiv

The average cost of renting apartments in the capital of Ukraine in November decreased slightly (approximately twenty -five hryvnias). If you analyze the ads for

Thus, we can say that forecasts about the increase in the cost of renting apartments in the capital were not justified. Such forecasts were caused by a decision on a compulsory tax for renting housing in the amount of thirteen percent of the cost registered in the city council in the city council. This municipal tax should be added to those fifteen percent of the rental value that law -abiding citizens in the state budget. At the same time, analysts noted in September a decrease in the level of demand in the rental market.

Students who mainly sought inexpensive housing near educational institutions fixed this indicator a little. Experts note that there are fewer students. And they rent, as a rule, apartments for several people, dropping to rent. As a result, the average cost of renting housing in Kyiv in September was even slightly lower than in May. The number of rented apartments has decreased slightly. For comparison in September, one thousand nine hundred and sixty -six apartments were rented in Kyiv in Kiev, and in one of the least active months of July two thousand, ten apartments were rented out in hiring.

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