How is the first impression of real estate

The task of any seller is to sell your product profitable. To do this, you need to present it profitably, since only once can you create the first impression. How to create a first impression of real estate with the help of a photo in order to sell it profitably or rented out?

Compliance with several rules for organizing the interior and photography will help to achieve the desired goal.

1. In the room you need to create spaciousness. To do this, take out all the superfluous from the room that creates the clutter of the space. But at the same time, there should be things and pieces of furniture that would indicate the purpose of the room (bedroom, dining room, living room).

2. The premises should shine with cleanliness. A small spot on a sofa pillow or slightly greasy armrests of the sofa and the seats will spoil the whole impression of the apartment. Therefore, before shooting, you need to eliminate these problems.

3. Take the shooting of interiors with a wide -angle lens. Small spatial distortions can be further adjusted in the graphic editor. However, follow the verticals – try to convey them without distortion.

4. Avoid angle from above. For interior shooting is the most disadvantageous position.

5. Follow the items that fall into the frame. There should be no cords, heating batteries, communication pipes, cables in the frame.

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