Frame panel method of building residential buildings

The frame-panel method of building residential buildings is a fairly new phenomenon in the construction market in the Russian Federation. He appeared recently, about 15 years ago, and so far holds a modest position in the market. However, around the world, approximately four fifths of the total number of houses were built according to this method. In the near future, Russia must proceed to its use. The main advantage of the methodology is the possibility of rapid construction of the construction, as well as the ability to work not only during the day, but also at night. In order to build a house, it may take up to 36 months, while its installation and clutch with the foundation will take you no more than a week. In addition, it is worth noting that in this case the high rate of construction in no way worsen the quality of the construction.

Those who actively protect the environment also support this technology, and the reason for this is the fact that when it is used, fewer building materials that were made of wood are led. The walls of the frame-panel house are much lighter than the walls in houses that were made of other materials, and they do not need to be laid for it large and deep foundations.

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