Features of the country’s country houses

Usually, the houses in which celebrities lived are acquired by fairly wealthy people. Many stars are ardent lovers of various real estate and are not rarely buying it up in several countries of the world at once. “Stars”, as you know, are not very constant, and both their personal life is not constant, and not constantly their place of residence. Constant crowds of paparazzi, fans and fans, and also, among other things, and their own ambitions, as well as a decent state, pushing them to a frequent change in the place of residence. And at any time in the real estate market you can find an announcement that this or that celebrity put up her house or apartment for sale.

But the stars do not always manage to sell their real estate for the price they put up, often have to reduce the cost, as the price tags are very high. For example, one famous actor recently reduced the cost of his villa, which has been unsuccessfully for sale since the spring of 2010, another $ 1 million. The initial price was $ 14.5 million.

But also Porova’s financial crisis, hit not only for ordinary people, he touched celebrities. In a crisis, the sale of their real estate was arranged at once by several celebrities. Since some celebrities have serious problems with tax payments during the crisis. Moreover, they had to sell their homes with a significant discount.

Nevertheless, at home in which celebrities once lived, they acquire a completely new status. And if, for example, the “star” the house cost one amount, then the realtor can sell it at a price an order of magnitude higher than the initial. But also, there are very enterprising businessmen who manage to buy “star” real estate at the same price, and then sell it several times more expensive.

Characteristics and nuances of choosing business class apartments

Business class apartments currently occupy a rather large share in the existing real estate market. Over time, apartments of this class are becoming more and more popular both in the capital and other cities of our country.

Star new buildings: choice of purposeful people

It’s no secret that his house affects the quality of life of any person. It is difficult to overestimate its importance. And this is not surprising. After all, a house is a place where people rest, enjoy communication with their loved ones and relatives, dream and want to return here again. Therefore, the choice of a new place of residence should be treated with all importance. Naturally, many would like to live in a beautiful and comfortable house.

Intangible pleasure

Real estate experts believe that to acquire real estate of investment purposes in which a celebrity lived is no sense. This kind of real estate, almost after the first deal, has the highest percentage of decline …

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