Features of historical buildings in the States

Historical buildings in the States usually do not boast. Rather, this is the property of old Europe, where many buildings breathe history. In America, wealthy citizens build for themselves star houses, absorbing all the best traditions of styles of past eras and modernity, successfully combining sometimes contradictory, but collected in general compositions, elements. House Selin Dion – no exception. The villa built in the first half of the twentieth century wears the eclectic spirit of the late Renaissance with some addition of baroque and neo -Gotics.

A beautiful garden breaking up romance and peace is broken around the house. A large number of corners arranged here for relaxation make it possible to spend time in the air, sitting on comfortable snow -white sofas, and admire the species of landscape or reflect on a high.

Terrace with a high vaulted ceiling is inherent in the nature of the buildings of Napoleon, when the valor and freedom were so appreciated. Here are an oval dining table on lion paws and chairs made of red wood, the color of which echoes the floor tiles of the color of Burgundian wine with a golden pattern.

The courtyard is made in the same spirit, on its floor, Mexican tiles of the 19th century are laid out. According to Dion, the interior of the rooms suggested the general architecture of the house. So, for example, large niches with Virgin Mary and St. Francis in the Stone Fence resemble the decoration of the cathedral, inspiring peace and admiration in the heart.

The English style was chosen for the main living room of the house, for this, leather chairs and fireplace were used. Paul has a parquet made of valuable wood and is a real work of art. This room can be considered the center of the house around which the rest of the space is organized. In other rooms, various, sometimes conflicting color solutions, united by one plan, are used.

On the central balcony found their place a sofa lined with a wastewater, and a table on forged legs, made and painted by Sergio Furnari personally for Celine.

Such star houses delight the eye with their luxury. However, Villa Dion, in addition to that is saturated with unique charm, energy and positive emotions. This gives the singer the awareness of the idea that the house is her fortress.

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