Distinctive features of commercial real estate in Vologda

Vologda is a city and a river. It was her in the middle of the 12th century, according to legend, by the monk Gerasim crossed to begin the construction of the Trinity Monastery. This monastery attracted an increasing number of people. As a result, those who wanted to live next to the shrine formed the city.

There is other information about the beginning of the history of Vologda. So, archaeologists attribute the remnants of the ancient buildings found to the thirteenth century. Philologists confirm this idea, since the first references to the place recorded in writing are back to 1264. In the documents of those years, she is called the outskirts of Veliky Novgorod.

For a long time, much has changed. And before, a quiet monastery settlement turned into a modern city with intensive dynamics of development. Despite the fact that a little more than three hundred thousand inhabitants live here, commercial real estate is in special demand. Perhaps because every sixth capable citizen has an official. It is noteworthy that such a situation is not characteristic of Russia as a whole, but on Vologda land does not change for a long time.

Overview of the administrative units of Vologda

In this matter, everything is extremely simple: there is the city part of Vologda and the village of Molochny. The central part of the urban territory can be outlined on the map in the form of a triangle. The extreme point in the north is Nekrasova Street, in the southwest-the station, and in the east-the streets of Levichv and Gorky. In the designated boundaries and the main commercial real estate of Vologda is located.

Real estate in the central part of the city

The current conditions are such that you can buy a square meter of commercial premises, suppose, for at least 50 thousand rubles, and every month you will have to pay a rent, suppose, in the amount of 1 thousand rubles per meter per meter. Naturally, the above numbers are demonstrative, allowing to evaluate the features of the situation. After all, each owner sets his rates. At the same time, not everyone is in a hurry to sell the premises. To take them into a thing is more profitable.

Administrative buildings are on the Square of the Revolution and Drygin Square. Cafes, restaurants, shops and markets are compactly located along the streets of Herzen, Lenin, M. Ulyanova, Batyushkova. Interestingly, on the Square of the Revolution there were still samples of architecture of the late 19th-for 20 centuries. And tourists often perceive them in a row with the so -called compensation series of buildings. That is, the remnants who are trying to imitate the style of real Vologda buildings in order to force to forget about the period of active demolitions and the denial of the architectural value of some buildings.

Often, commercial premises are arranged on the first floors of typical Khrushchevs, which were built in abundance in Vologda for the 60-80s. Owners are happy to sell such apartments, trying to move to a more prestigious new building.

Unique street Leningradskaya

And it is unique in that it takes four and a half kilometers and passes from the river itself to the district highway, that is, it goes west from the east. Virgin premises are bought by connoisseurs of prestige (in his local sense) and try to open a business point by businessmen. As a result, on Leningradskaya you can find: grocery stores of different levels; boutiques of perfumes and clothes; entertainment centers; cinemas; Multifunctional trading floors.

The main enterprises of Vologda

The conversation about Vologda commercial real estate cannot be complete without the designation of leading firms and enterprises that give residents jobs and the possibility of a full existence. This:

“Vologda bearing factory”. In its walls, they create a little less than 20 percent of the bearings from the total number in Russia;

“Electromash” – a plant producing pumps, oil radiators and even pipes (in a department given under the pipe rolling shop);

Optical-mechanical plant. There are sights for defense industry and often execute orders for simple electrical appliances;

“Vologda flax coupling”, which is engaged in not only weightless flax, but also sewing canvas covers for truck cabs;

The forest industry is represented by a number of enterprises: these are Soyuzlesmontazh, and Lestopprom, and the Kipelovo LPK;

The well -known Vologda ice cream and oil is made at the dairy plant. In connection with the indication of this enterprise, it is appropriate to recall the village of Molochny. It is famous for the fact that with the number of inhabitants no more than 7 thousand has the center of the agrochemical service, three agricultural educational institutions and even a training plant.

The completion of the conversation about Vologda, as a large center of commercial and industrial activities, may be a mention that it is here that the “zero kilometer” is located, which is the starting point to the main financial objects of the northwestern part of the country.

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