Description of the cottage village of Velegozh Park

Not far from the Simferopol highway, in the suburbs, at a distance of about 100 km from Moscow, among the fir trees and pines is the cottage village of Velegozh Park. Its area is approximately 40 hectares, 15 of them are a magnificent landscape park in the English style with an area of ​​one and a half hectare.

In the park you will find convenient paths for romantic walks, boat station, beach with canopies and sunbeds, arbors with barbecue for barbecue and barbecue. This country village is located near the estate-museum of Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov, a magnificent Russian painter, whose images of old Moscow retained the spirit and indescribable charm of merchant, philistine, calm life. 7 kilometers from the village flows the Oka River, this area is rich in streams and sources of mineral water.

Leave the noise, vanity and undermined ecology of the metropolis outside your country house. Here you will be surrounded by exceptionally fresh air and nature, both its untouched corners and ennobled by gardeners and landscape architects. With all this, the village has a supermarket, restaurant, bath and sauna, a pharmacy and a medical center, and even a night club with a complex for relaxation and entertainment. Thus, the sale of cottages on the territory of the summer village suggests not only the houses designed for the weekend, but also fully adapted for permanent life outside the city. There are necessary communications: electricity (15 kW at home), water supply, sewage, gas pipeline, each house has a personal boiler room of 24 kW. All pipes are securely hidden underground and do not spoil the exterior of the buildings. Inside the village there are paved paths leading to each house, there is a covered parking for personal transport. The high fence surrounding the village saves from prying eyes, and round -the -clock security guarantees safety in a private territory. Simferopol highway is not overloaded with transport towards Moscow, so you can always get to the capital quickly.

Today you can purchase it for the good living houses with an area of ​​135 to 200 square meters, they are located in areas of 11-20 acres. Or you can buy land from 19 acres to build your dream house on it. All necessary communications have already been brought to such areas, and there is a permit for individual construction.

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