Distinctive features of the house of political education

The House of Political Education is placed in the center of the square on a high stylobate, lined with granite. The building was decided by a single five -story volume, rectangular in plan, 42×62 m. The main facade is addressed to the avenue in. AND. Lenin.

The internal space of the building is clearly organized. The center of the composition is a large hall of meetings for 1400 seats, around which the main functional zones are symmetrically longitudinal: on both sides are training and working rooms (educational rooms, audiences, library, lecture hall). The two -light lobby connects all the functional zones of the building. A wide marble staircase leads to the lower lobby, located under the auditorium in the first floor. The conference room for 200 places adjoins the lobby. A bas -relief portraits to the stairs on a white alabast. Marx, f. Engels, c. AND. Lenin (artist.. Sh. Kirei). The first floor also houses wardrobes, buffet, sanitary nodes.

From the lobby, two ceremonial stairs of a curvilinear outlines in the plan lead to the main foyer. The fourth and fifth floors are also united by a two-light lobby, one of the walls of which is occupied by a picturesque panel dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the development of the Tajik SSR (artist.. WITH. Kurbanov). On the fifth floor there are open, spent on the rest of the rest for relaxation.

The reception of a flowing, undivided space (lobby, lower and upper lobe) used by the authors allowed the interiors to give greater architectural expressiveness. The color and textured contrasts of finishing materials, lighting and light solution contribute to the same. The auditorium is simple in shape, has balconies for 400 seats. The walls of the hall are trimmed with an acoustic carpentry plate. In the upper part of the hall, the plates are of stalactite (for dispersion of sound). The white end of the balconies contrasts with the dark red surface of the walls slightly illuminated by built-in lamps.

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