How to competently plan a new part of the city

One apartment accounted for 700 m2, including the area of ​​the street; Street width from 6 to 15 m. The area of ​​planting public use is 5 hectares, sports areas – 9 hectares. The town was quite landscaped (20 km of water and 20 km of sewer networks, independent treatment facilities for wastewater with biological cleaning and release into the UAZ channel, street lighting). According to the recovery plan, a predominantly block ordinary development is used here, but along with it there is a certain number of four -apartment, two -apartment and single -apartment free -standing houses. After restoration, the center of Ternier, interpreted earlier in the typical manner of the city-garden, took up the urban character.

The main public buildings are enlarged, in connection with which the significance of the city square has increased. The territory previously occupied by railway tracks was turned into a park with numerous sports devices. Separate small service institutions are dispersed. The total area of ​​the town is approximately 150-160 hectares. This number includes: the territory of the center is about 12 hectares (7-8% of the territory), the area of ​​the main park is 15 hectares (t. e. more than 30 m3 per 1 inhabitant). Net density of approximately 100 people per 1 ha, which is quite economical for manequenic development conditions.

As already mentioned, manor development, which is the main type of buildings of small English cities, a relatively modest place is given in France. It is found mainly in the prisoners. In France, a restrained attitude to individual development was expressed in the first years of recovery post -war construction. So, for example, the report of the Commission for the Modernization of Construction and Public Structures expresses the following point of view.

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