As a fall in the economy, it reflected in real estate in Bulgaria

Today Bulgaria is going through difficult times. Prices for houses and apartments fall in price, which leads to absolute decay in the banking system. Many people are left without apartments, since they are not able to extinguish a mortgage. Housing is taken away, and no one can stop this process. The fall of the economy, which is now taking place in Bulgaria, gained momentum last year. The prices for apartments decreased by 38%, and this is a huge figure, given that the cost of Bulgaria’s housing was $ 725 per square meter.

Bulgaria is a country in which they do not like to count, but love to live for their pleasure. They built up coastal zones by resorts for a year after year, increasing real estate momentum. The prices for apartments grew rapidly from 2008 to 2018, almost 300%. This simply detrimental to tourism, because the rapid increase in prices scared those who wanted to relax, and nullified the advertisement for attracting depositors. It is worth indicating that now, real estate prices in Sofia do not decrease at all, rather, on the contrary, they are gradually growing, albeit extremely slowly. Sofia is a city that can be considered autonomous, since tourism is very developed in this region of Bulgaria.

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