Analytical information in the mortgage lending market

The mortgage lending market has finally recovered. Over the past year, he has noticeably activated. Many banks try to stare a certain type of lending to themselves, thereby they have to meet all those in need

. Some banks generally decided to issue loans with a zero initial contribution. But what should the mortgage real estate market be expected this year? Is everything so good as banks say? At the moment, many real estate analysts are trying to inspire people with a stable picture of housing lending, which is actually not. To date, the mortgage market is located at the pre -crisis level. Throughout 2011, about 550,000 mortgage loans were issued, the total cost of which was above 717 billion rubles. There are small negative trends in the global economy, which have not yet been affected by the mortgage lending market of our country. The forecast for 2012 is quite optimistic, but this fact can change at any time, so it is not stable. Next year, an increase in the issuance of mortgage loans to a record 1 trillion rubles is expected to increase. Many have the following question: and due to which the entire real estate market will develop? To begin with, it is worth noting that the large amount of delayed demand in our country began to be implemented back in 2011, so next year the market has definitely nothing to fear. The second reason is that recently, real estate prices have been constantly reduced, and now they have become increased. At the moment, throughout the country there is an almost equal ratio of real estate price and the income level of our citizens.

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