Advantages of large -panel houses what needs to be taken into account

The main reasons for the lag were the low power of the production base of large -panel structures and the unresolved problem of light concrete aggregate (if there was a good raw material base), which led to the use of a multilayer design of the panels.

A significant brake of the development of prefabricated housing construction was the complicated layout of houses; A significant number of sizes of structures built in quarter No. 22A houses with angular sections did not allow reducing the duration of their installation.

The first large-panel house No. 5-6 from ordinary residential sections of 1,700 m2 was mounted in the same quarter was mounted in 1958. in 46 days. The installation terms of subsequent houses were reduced; Moreover, the duration of the installation was still determined mainly by the total number of elements mounted in the house. So, of two types of large-panel houses developed by Gipromez for the development of quarters No. 59 and 60-62, it turned out to be not rational from the point of view of the installation conditions of the house (Type I) with 80 small apartments; It had 1,564 installation elements for 1,750 m2 of living space. The second type of house with 60 full -length apartments turned out to be somewhat better in this regard. Despite the large residential area (2 133 Z2), the time spent on its installation was less (36 days instead of 40 days in the first house), since the number of prefabricated elements (1,468) was slightly less than in the first house.

The considered period of the prefabricated housing construction is characterized by an increase in labor productivity, a reduction in downtime on the installation of houses, which were previously inevitable due to the non-planned intake of factory products. At the same time, the quality of these products, including large panels, improved. They have a pleasant light gray tone of the textured layer consisting of small sifted river sand, marble crumbs with the addition of mica (on slag-portland cement of the Magnitogorsk plant).

Today, construction methods are slightly different. In particular, we can make such an original element in our house as a translucent roof. Agree, this is wonderful to be able to look at the stars in your room. Often, such roofs look great in office buildings.

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