Advantages and disadvantages of building a private house

Despite the fact that houses built from a wooden beam have a fairly rich history, the demand for these buildings over the years only increases. Wooden houses differ not only depending on the type of wood, but also depending on how logs were processed.

Among the houses built from a wooden beam, a separate place due to the quality of the material is occupied by houses from a rounded log. Escalled logs acquire their special properties due to special processing on machines. They are given the correct geometric form, due to which the houses have a more aesthetic appearance, and all the irregularities, knots, and other minor defects of the logs are also cleaned, thus in the houses made of this material, the need for additional decoration is absent. There are a number of advantages that are possessed by a loop of logs: 1. Low thermal conductivity. A wooden wall of 10 centimeters in thermal conductivity corresponds to 51 centimeters of the brick wall.2. The implementation of natural air exchange. It occurs due to the properties of wood, regardless of whether the windows, doors are open, and when the air conditioner is turned off.3. Low level of complexity of construction work. Since all elements of the house undergo preliminary processing in the factory and perfectly fitted to each other, the assembly of the house takes place at a fairly fast pace.

The disadvantages of houses from the gallected beam include shrinkage within 6 months from the date of completion of construction and the need for chopping hemps.

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